[Amportal-devel] Changing callwaiting default

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to propose something, looking for reasons NOT to do it
basically, and what everyone thinks…

Lots of people run into troubles with IP phones that have multiple call
appearances ‘not working’ since call waiting is disabled by default.
First off, it’s not really that intuitive that call waiting enables
multiple call appearances.

There would be a few changes to enable it by default…

First off, we’d change the stock amportal.conf to have ENABLECW=yes.
This would really only affect new installs.

To retroactively apply this fix to existing installs, we could do a
couple things:

When call waiting is enabled right now, an entry is made in the astdb
/CW/123=ENABLED. When it is disabled for that extension, the entry is
just deleted. This would be changed so it would be set to DISABLED.
(this change probably doesn’t make any difference anyways, and sort of
makes sense).

When there is no entry for call waiting, instead of assuming that means
’disabled’, it should look at what ENABLECW is set to in amportal.conf,
and use that setting. The potential conflict here is when someone
already has the default set to yes, but a user has specifically turned
it off - this change would enable it for that user.

So is this a good or bad idea? Why or why not?

ttyl, greg

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