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Does anybody use / know how to use PAMI or something similar?

I looking for a way to send to my ERP the event of a phone conversation when it finishes in real time.
Today, I just forward a D+1 recap but it is not good enough.

Thanks !!

(Dave Burgess) #2

This is one of the features of the SangomaCRM module, but as I recall, you decided that wasn’t going to work for you.

Short of custom AMI code, I can’t think of any other ways.

(France) #3

Ok, thanks Dave.

Custom code it will be then…

(Dave Burgess) #4
is the definitive guide for writing AGI scripts. It explains the asynch nature of AMI and how to use it to do a lot of stuff. is a PERL implementation of an interface to AMI that I’ve used in the past. There are plenty of others - I recommend you grab two or three and look at how they approach the interface.