AMI Message: Invalid/unknown command: Agents

I am using FreePBX 16.0.30
Asterisk Version “18.13.0”

When I doing command “Agents” via command line I got error “Message: Invalid/unknown command: Agents”

Command manager show commands:

Action                                       Synopsis
  ------                                       --------
  AbsoluteTimeout                              Set absolute timeout. 
  AGI                                          Add an AGI command to execute by 
  AOCMessage                                   Generate an Advice of Charge mess
  Atxfer                                       Attended transfer. 
  BlindTransfer                                Blind transfer channel(s) to the 
  Bridge                                       Bridge two channels already in th
  BridgeDestroy                                Destroy a bridge. 
  BridgeInfo                                   Get information about a bridge. 
  BridgeKick                                   Kick a channel from a bridge. 
  BridgeList                                   Get a list of bridges in the syst
  BridgeTechnologyList                         List available bridging technolog
  BridgeTechnologySuspend                      Suspend a bridging technology. 
  BridgeTechnologyUnsuspend                    Unsuspend a bridging technology. 
  CancelAtxfer                                 Cancel an attended transfer. 
  Challenge                                    Generate Challenge for MD5 Auth. 
  ChangeMonitor                                Change monitoring filename of a c
  Command                                      Execute Asterisk CLI Command. 
  ConfbridgeKick                               Kick a Confbridge user. 
  ConfbridgeList                               List participants in a conference
  ConfbridgeListRooms                          List active conferences. 
  ConfbridgeLock                               Lock a Confbridge conference. 
  ConfbridgeMute                               Mute a Confbridge user. 
  ConfbridgeSetSingleVideoSrc                  Set a conference user as the sing
  ConfbridgeStartRecord                        Start recording a Confbridge conf
  ConfbridgeStopRecord                         Stop recording a Confbridge confe
  ConfbridgeUnlock                             Unlock a Confbridge conference. 
  ConfbridgeUnmute                             Unmute a Confbridge user. 
  ControlPlayback                              Control the playback of a file be
  CoreSettings                                 Show PBX core settings (version e
  CoreShowChannels                             List currently active channels. 
  CoreStatus                                   Show PBX core status variables. 
  CreateConfig                                 Creates an empty file in the conf
  DAHDIDialOffhook                             Dial over DAHDI channel while off
  DAHDIDNDoff                                  Toggle DAHDI channel Do Not Distu
  DAHDIDNDon                                   Toggle DAHDI channel Do Not Distu
  DAHDIHangup                                  Hangup DAHDI Channel. 
  DAHDIRestart                                 Fully Restart DAHDI channels (ter
  DAHDIShowChannels                            Show status of DAHDI channels. 
  DAHDITransfer                                Transfer DAHDI Channel. 
  DBDel                                        Delete DB entry. 
  DBDelTree                                    Delete DB Tree. 
  DBGet                                        Get DB Entry. 
  DBPut                                        Put DB entry. 
  DeviceStateList                              List the current known device sta
  DialplanExtensionAdd                         Add an extension to the dialplan 
  DialplanExtensionRemove                      Remove an extension from the dial
  Events                                       Control Event Flow. 
  ExtensionState                               Check Extension Status. 
  ExtensionStateList                           List the current known extension 
  FAXSession                                   Responds with a detailed descript
  FAXSessions                                  Lists active FAX sessions 
  FAXStats                                     Responds with fax statistics 
  Filter                                       Dynamically add filters for the c
  G729LicenseList                              G.729 License List
  G729LicenseStatus                            G.729 License Status
  GetConfig                                    Retrieve configuration. 
  GetConfigJSON                                Retrieve configuration (JSON form
  Getvar                                       Gets a channel variable or functi
  Hangup                                       Hangup channel. 
  IAXnetstats                                  Show IAX Netstats. 
  IAXpeerlist                                  List IAX Peers. 
  IAXpeers                                     List IAX peers. 
  IAXregistry                                  Show IAX registrations. 
  ListCategories                               List categories in configuration 
  ListCommands                                 List available manager commands. 
  LocalOptimizeAway                            Optimize away a local channel whe
  LoggerRotate                                 Reload and rotate the Asterisk lo
  Login                                        Login Manager. 
  Logoff                                       Logoff Manager. 
  MailboxCount                                 Check Mailbox Message Count. 
  MailboxStatus                                Check mailbox. 
  MeetmeList                                   List participants in a conference
  MeetmeListRooms                              List active conferences. 
  MeetmeMute                                   Mute a Meetme user. 
  MeetmeUnmute                                 Unmute a Meetme user. 
  MessageSend                                  Send an out of call message to an
  MixMonitor                                   Record a call and mix the audio d
  MixMonitorMute                               Mute / unMute a Mixmonitor record
  ModuleCheck                                  Check if module is loaded. 
  ModuleLoad                                   Module management. 
  Monitor                                      Monitor a channel. 
  MuteAudio                                    Mute an audio stream. 
  Originate                                    Originate a call. 
  Park                                         Park a channel. 
  ParkedCalls                                  List parked calls. 
  Parkinglots                                  Get a list of parking lots 
  PauseMonitor                                 Pause monitoring of a channel. 
  Ping                                         Keepalive command. 
  PJSIPNotify                                  Send a NOTIFY to either an endpoi
  PJSIPQualify                                 Qualify a chan_pjsip endpoint. 
  PJSIPRegister                                Register an outbound registration
  PJSIPShowAors                                Lists PJSIP AORs. 
  PJSIPShowAuths                               Lists PJSIP Auths. 
  PJSIPShowContacts                            Lists PJSIP Contacts. 
  PJSIPShowEndpoint                            Detail listing of an endpoint and
  PJSIPShowEndpoints                           Lists PJSIP endpoints. 
  PJSIPShowRegistrationInboundContactStatuses  Lists ContactStatuses for PJSIP i
  PJSIPShowRegistrationsInbound                Lists PJSIP inbound registrations
  PJSIPShowRegistrationsOutbound               Lists PJSIP outbound registration
  PJSIPShowResourceLists                       Displays settings for configured 
  PJSIPShowSubscriptionsInbound                Lists subscriptions. 
  PJSIPShowSubscriptionsOutbound               Lists subscriptions. 
  PJSIPUnregister                              Unregister an outbound registrati
  PlayDTMF                                     Play DTMF signal on a specific ch
  PlayMF                                       Play MF digit on a specific chann
  PresenceState                                Check Presence State 
  PresenceStateList                            List the current known presence s
  PRIDebugFileSet                              Set the file used for PRI debug m
  PRIDebugFileUnset                            Disables file output for PRI debu
  PRIDebugSet                                  Set PRI debug levels for a span 
  PRIShowSpans                                 Show status of PRI spans. 
  QueueAdd                                     Add interface to queue. 
  QueueChangePriorityCaller                    Change priority of a caller on qu
  QueueLog                                     Adds custom entry in queue_log. 
  QueueMemberRingInUse                         Set the ringinuse value for a que
  QueuePause                                   Makes a queue member temporarily 
  QueuePenalty                                 Set the penalty for a queue membe
  QueueReload                                  Reload a queue, queues, or any su
  QueueRemove                                  Remove interface from queue. 
  QueueReset                                   Reset queue statistics. 
  QueueRule                                    Queue Rules. 
  QueueStatus                                  Show queue status. 
  QueueSummary                                 Show queue summary. 
  QueueWithdrawCaller                          Request to withdraw a caller from
  Redirect                                     Redirect (transfer) a call. 
  Reload                                       Send a reload event. 
  SendText                                     Sends a text message to channel. 
  Setvar                                       Sets a channel variable or functi
  ShowDialPlan                                 Show dialplan contexts and extens
  SorceryMemoryCacheExpire                     Expire (remove) ALL objects from 
  SorceryMemoryCacheExpireObject               Expire (remove) an object from a 
  SorceryMemoryCachePopulate                   Expire all objects from a memory 
  SorceryMemoryCacheStale                      Marks ALL objects in a sorcery me
  SorceryMemoryCacheStaleObject                Mark an object in a sorcery memor
  Status                                       List channel status. 
  StopMixMonitor                               Stop recording a call through Mix
  StopMonitor                                  Stop monitoring a channel. 
  UnpauseMonitor                               Unpause monitoring of a channel. 
  UpdateConfig                                 Update basic configuration. 
  UserEvent                                    Send an arbitrary event. 
  VoicemailRefresh                             Tell Asterisk to poll mailboxes f
  VoicemailUsersList                           List All Voicemail User Informati
  VoicemailUserStatus                          Show the status of given voicemai
  WaitEvent                                    Wait for an event to occur. 

But Asterisk wiki says that AMI has command “Agents”
Link (I cant post link) asterisk_wiki_root/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+18+ManagerAction_Agents

How to get Agents list via AMI in FreePBX 16?

That is part of the app_agent_pool module, which FreePBX may not even use.

Could you suggest how to install new module?

I tried install module via console, but I got this error:

fwconsole ma download app_agent_pool 
No repos specified, using: [standard,commercial,unsupported,extended] from last GUI settings

Downloading module 'app_agent_pool'
The following error(s) occured:
 - Retrieved Module XML Was Empty

It’s an Asterisk module, not a FreePBX module. I don’t even know if FreePBX uses it or supports it.

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