Ami Events

Hi, Got freepbx 13 with asterisk 13, i having a problem in getting the events from ami. Need help in which of the events that trigger the call was pickup from the otherend, call still ringing and call was hangup for Outbound calls?

You might need to install telnet, and what you will then see is set by the Username: account you Login: with (those that will work are available in /etc/asterisk/manager*.conf which also will documents the ‘events’ that you will receive and the ‘actions’ you can perform)


telnet localhost 5038
Action: Login
Username: admin
Secret: (yoursecret)

documents what is sent.

Hi, Yes i can connect to it using my ami credentials…What confuse me is the data I need that will trigger if the call via event is ringing,pickup and hangup. I mean which one of those hundreds of events per call…

That’s why I linked

YOU will need to read all that.

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