Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

Has anyone played with the Amazon EC2 or other similar cloud IaaS providers for hosting their FreePBX servers?

Had a bit of a dig around and it appears there already exists a “community provided” machine image for an older version of FPBX/Asterisk.

Maybe good for experimenting if not quite production class…just yet.

I’m working on setting up FreePBX/Asterisk now, and I did it on an Ubuntu 11.10 x64 EC2 micro instance because I wanted to make use of the free tier. It was a bit of a pain in the butt, because everything I read up on the idea first involves the use of a 1000hz kernel, which Amazon doesn’t provide out of the box. I had to first set up a large instance (I used extra large, but that wasn’t entirely necessary) and then recompiled and installed a modified kernel using the ephemeral storage (but you could easily provision a 30GB image or something to give yourself some working room). After ensuring that it booted, I disconnected the image, terminated the instance, spun up a new one on micro, and switched out the images.

Works great :slight_smile:

I can link the information I followed if you like. Some of it was out of date and it required a small amount of common-sense workaround.

Thanks that would be great. Any reason you chose Ubuntu over say RHEL?

No, not really, just personal preference. The majority of my Linux experience is with Ubuntu, owing mostly to the popularity of the distro. That said, I’ve found that I don’t have a problem with pretty much any Debian-based Linux, but I’ve never tried RHEL… Is it Debian-based? A job for the google, that one is :smiley:

I’ll subscribe to this thread. If I haven’t posted back by the end of the day, just give the thread a bump to jog my memory :slight_smile:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is basically the ‘badged’ version of CentOS (or should that be CentOS is the de-badged version of RHEL…). Not sure how it relates to Debian I haven’t googled it yet ;-). Basically I’m trying to stick with a known quantity CentOS/RHEL if poss. However having another look at AWS, it appears that RHEL along with SUSE are not eligible for the free tier ;-(

hello I wanted to understand there is no AMI the FreePBX distro on Europe


Maisx - What does this have to do with EC2 ?

I think he’s trying to determine whether there’s an AMI available for the Europe EC2 zone.

I want to run a few upgrades on my FreePBX install; want to get database support and a few other bugs worked out better. I’d like to draft a doc or two based on what I did. Should (or could) I use the wiki here?

I would like to activate the exact FreePBX distro AMI on EC2 but for Europe there ’ TKS Maisx