Am I stupid? One phone per extension not working

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I’m using two YeaLink T46G phones, both configured the exact same except for different static IP, different extension, different extension passwords of course, however the second one will not register. Can they all use the same 5060 port? I’ve tried my Grandstream phone as well so it isn’t a phone issue.

In addition, I see absolutely nothing in the logs regarding any registration EXCEPT for the one phone that works. Side by side for both YeaLinks they were configured the same in terms of IP to the PBX server, port, just changed extensions and password with it. Kind of lost now.

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I’ve seen with some crappy routers that it cannot handle the server and client on the same port. At least with 5060. Changing the local SIP port fixed it.

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I’m having a similar battle with our program office on the same question (just different hardware).

You are using UDP. Everyone (as long as they have different IP Addresses) can use 5060. Remember, UDP is a one-way conversation.

To make sure I’m clear on your setup: all of these devices are in the same local network? Are any of them behind a NAT router somewhere? Are they using anything special in terms of connectivity?

If they are on the same network (all on the same switch) and all have unique IP addresses, you shouldn’t be having a problem. Every phone in the network can talk to port 5060 on the server, and the server can serve up as many conversations on port 5060 to the devices as your heart (and your routing tables) desire.

Sounds like it’s time to get more information. Tell us more about your actual network setup. What machines are where? That kind of stuff. You don’t need to give us usernames or passwords, because honestly you can set all of the passwords up the same too. As long as each extension’s username/extension number is unique, you should be able to wire this thing up pretty easily.

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You are 100% doing something wrong someplace. You need to provide all the details, not simply “it does not work”.

You are also starting off complicated by using a static IP. Just use DHCP. That way the phone gets all of the DNS and gateway information correctly with no chance of human error. Well, assuming DHCP is working, but that is a difference discussion.

If you feel some weird need to have your endpoint get the same address always, then set a DHCP reservation.

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