Alternative SIP providers

Anyone have any recommendations for SIP trunking providers? SIPstation’s support is unacceptable. Our trunks went down today and as of this time still aren’t up. I had a freepbx support guy check to verify it was a trunk issue (btw, their paid support is excellent) and they confirmed it was indeed a trunk issue. Never got a response back even during their “Support hours”. Their telephone support number tells you to use e-mail and then simply disconnects.

SIP providers seem to be a dime a dozen but none seem to offer quick turnkey sip trunks. Ideas?

You could start with They are a major sponsor of FreePBX.

Other popular providers are Broadvox, Broadvoice, and Megapath.

Aren’t they one and the same as Sipstation? After my experiences thus far with sipstation, I don’t want anything to do with them. System is still down for us after 18 hours.

I usually don’t post about our business in Forum as I want to support Bandwidth and the project.

If you are East of the Missisipi we have a great option and my company also supports the FreePBX project. In fact we host the last OTTS training.

Please contact Ken @ 440 385 4150 and he can talk about rates.

Thanks Ken. Unfortunately we are west coast. I did take Scallica’s recommendation and called Very reasonable rates and 24/7 support. They explained that sipstation is run as a separate business (different hardware even). So far they have been very responsive and we will be back up and running shortly.

As an aside it turns out that sipstation shut us off using it too much. Would have been nice to have some sort of warning or notification. This is a new system for us and we weren’t sure what our utilization would be. We would have happily purchased more trunks had they let us know we were approaching some invisible limit. :frowning: I guess unlimited isn’t really unlimited.

I attended the OTTS training and I am interested. My email is chad at if you are still offering.