Already answered calls still appearing in phones

First let me start with our general setup. We are a high volume call center and have and landline that is forwarded to our SIP provider. The calls then move into a queue where everyone in that queue is rang at once. If someone does not pick up the call it moves to a second group where a different group of phones are all rang at once. The same happens for a third group, after which the call goes to voicemail.

What we have noticed is that sometimes calls that have been answered, remain available for some of the other phones that were rang with the call but did not answer it. These “stuck” calls remain in the call list on our digium D50 phones. Sometimes it actually causes and audible ring and sometimes not, but when our support technicians try to answer the call they get nothing. They cannot move on to another call until they’ve manually ignored the call with their phone.

Is there any suggestions on why this may be happening or suggestions for a better queue / ring strategy for a quickly growing call center? Thank you in advance.

Also, I was wondering if someone could detail exactly what the queue option “Mark all calls as answered elsewhere” does?

it sends a notification to the phone that the call was answered elsewhere. The phone decides what to do with that information

So would it be recommended in a ring-all strategy to have this setting set. So the phones don’t pile up calls that have already been answered?

It does this by default. When a call is answered asterisk sends out a sip message to terminate the timing calls on the other phones. The phone then hangs up. If that is not happening sounds like a phone or network issue to me.

I was kinda thinking that. We have about 100 phones on the network, and probably 70 or so ring when a new call comes in. This means that 69 phones would have to get the cancel message from the phone server and we’ve just reached a point where that’s too much. I was thinking we should implement a roundrobin with memory ring strategy with autofill, that way only one phone rings at a time for each incoming call. Would you agree this is a good solution?