Alphanumeric extension

We have one Dahua Intercom system and the extension is 12#77#8001. We cannot change this extension and Freepbx extension doesn’t allow me to put in the # character.

There is any way to put the # character?

Is this a door phone intercom? If so how does it connect? Sip trunk, fxs, fxo or does it register as a sip extension in FreePBX?

It is a Villa Door Station. Model Dahua vto2111d-p-s2. It register as a sip extension in FreePBX.

If I remove the 12#77# and only leave it as 8001, it is able to connect to the FreePBX extension. But, as I mention we cannot use 8001 alone, we have to use 12#77#8001.

Can you please elaborate on that? I’m afraid that you are trying to apply a band-aid to something that can instead be fixed…

Our intercom extension is 12#77#8001. In order for this intercom to work, we need to configure the exactly same extension in FreePBX so that the intercom can be register with the FreePBX.

Again, you said that if you use 8001 you can connect just fine. So what’s the issue with using that? Why do you ‘have’ to use that weird number?

Is this a case where you need the dial string ‘12#77#8001’ to go to some specific destination? If so you’re looking for a misc application.

That’s because we can’t simply change to 8001 from that weird number so we forced to use that weird number

Is this a case where you need the dial string ‘12#77#8001’ to go to some specific destination? Yes

Misc application do support the # character? Is it a paid module ?



I tested the misc application , yes I can define the extension as 12#77#8001 but it not the correct way because my intercom still cannot register to freepbx, it is just something like reroute to specific extension

Are you saying that the vto must have a username of 12#77#8001 in order to function properly? You can do that by configuring a trunk.

Please explain the call flow. What should happen when someone rings the doorbell? What does the answering party do to grant access? Are calls ever initiated to the door station? If so, what does the caller do?

With what username did you register the doorbell?

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