Alpha 14 Installer Error?

I’m attempting to create a fresh install of Alpha 14 (1607-6) on a VPS.

Once the kickstart file executes the first line causes an error in every different install attempt I make (about 8+ attempts now). Error:

The following problem occurred on line 1 of the kickstart file:

Unknown command: Deliberate-Error-tell-xrobau

Exception AttributeError: “‘NoneType’ objet has no attribute ‘udevunref’” in <bound method Context._ _ del_ _ of <pyudev.core.Con text object at 0x7f86d8b7fc50>> ignored

I’ve tried changing the command-line switches to use a text-based install based on the installer’s suggestion (earlier on) that if there are errors the text-based install may fix them. It always errors on this first line.

Thank you in advance for any insight,

Screenshot of error:

Thanks for telling xrobau! 8)

That error means that there’s something extremely confusing about the disks on your machine.

Can you, when you have this error, take the entire contents of /tmp on that machine and attach it to a ticket on, please?

@xrobau Thank you so much for the reply.

I am happy to do that. My only problem is that this is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) instance. I lose any ability to get command at this point, considering my only option is a VNC session which becomes locked at this point.

For example, when I see the “pane is dead” message, I should be able to click 2 to get shell, which would allow me to wrap /tmp for you, but it’s just locked-up at that “pane is dead” and I can’t get to shell.

One more thing I should mention – the only error I see prior to reaching this dead-end on kickstart, is the error prior to all the services starting, which reads “dracut-initqueue[538]: RTNETLINK answers: File exists”

I’m sorry to ask such remedial questions. I’m not as skilled with Linux as I should be.

Thank you again,

There’s a trick there. Push Control-A (or maybe Control-B, if A doesn’t work) and then n (lower case).

That’ll take you to pane 2, which is a shell.

From there, you can do something like…

ping -c4  (to make sure you have internet access)
cd /
tar zcvf - tmp | base64 | curl -F 'f:1=<-'

Which will, assuming you have internet, sit there for a bit, and then return a URL like which you can then attach to the ticket!

Edit: If it’s a VPS via VNC, Alt-F2 should work, too.

Thanks a million for the detailed walk-through. I learned several new things just reviewing it!

One issue is the distribution that the Sangoma distro where I am left after the install does not appear to have base64, so I tar’ed the tmp directory without it. I hope that doesn’t cause problems?

BTW - The Alt-F2 worked great as well, thanks again!

The vagueness of the error was… suboptimal :wink:

Hence the new stuff:'Deliberate+Error'+Error

The error now says ‘’ which redirects to the above page, and there’s now a single script that does the upload, so you don’t need to care about it.

Example of what is posted is in that link above, but because I’m nice, here’s a clickable one - (Edit: Which just expired. I’ll put another one up and manually set it to NOT expire - they automatically delete after a week)

New ISO will be being released real-soon-now. I’m back in Australia, and I - somehow - managed to get a Business Class upgrade, so the Jetlag is pretty much non existant.