Allworx 6X to Freepbx SIP Trunk

Hi all,

We are attempting to connect a Allworx 6X to a FreePBX server located on the same LAN.
But for some reason the allworx still isnt registering with FreePBX.

My settings are as follows in the Outgoing SIP Trunk field.

The Allworx is the ip listed under host, and it attempts to register with pbx/password however. It just continues to fail.
Below is a message I get when I attempt to register this SIP trunk.

[2015-04-16 11:35:55] NOTICE[1955] chan_sip.c: Peer ‘pbx’ is now UNREACHABLE! Last qualify: 0

I’m new to FreePBX so very possible I have missed something simple.

I appreciate any and all help.

WHy does it need to register if it has a static IP?

Use the minimal trunk config first, not the most complicated.

My guess is that since the Allwork is failing registration that fail2ban is banning the IP.

Logs, versions of software etc. All needed for any real help.

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I wanted to thank you for your help. I have no idea why I wanted to complicate things.

This got us going, just simply…I always overlook the KISS method.

boss, can you help me to create a sip trunk by use a fxo gateway in freepbx?

Boss? I am not your boss.

I am sure I can make your FXO gateway work however hijacking a thread and providing no information is not going to get you any help.

If you want help you need to start a new thread and provide information on the gateway and your FreePBX configuration.