Allowlist module does not work (always passes) if the CID was entered in the privacy function


I have this setup:

  • One inbound route for DID 12345678 (example) with CID “_X!”, so matching all numbers which are not anonymous (starting with a digit). This inbound route has allowlist active. Target for failed allowlist callers is a virtual extension with Call Screening enabled which forwards the call back to my main PBX via Follow me after the caller was identified / recoreded his name.
    If the allowlist matches, the call is directly forwarded without any call screening.

  • One inbound route for DID 12345678 with CID empty. This route catches anonymous calls. Privacy feature is enabled. Target is the same virtual extension as in the first route which does caller screening.

I’m fighting for some hours with this issue:

  • Anoymous callers are running correctly into the privacy module asking for their number.

  • But after the number was entered, the configured destination in the “anonymous” route is completely ignored. Regardless what I set as the target, after privacy got the new CID the target of this inbound route is ignored.

  • I finally found that the anonymous caller after passing the privacy procedure straight goes into the second inbound route. It looks as privacy immediately triggers a new inbound route matching.

This behaviour in general is OK (although nowhere mentioned or configured), but now the strange part kicks in: This call wrongly always does an allowlist pass! Although the entered CID is nowhere in the allowlist nor stored anywhere else!

So, under the bottom line: Whenever a call has passed through privacy, getting it’s CID here, allowlist in a later stage will always pass this call and does not work as expected. Looks like a bug in allowlist?

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