Allowing calls to and from Cisco 2801 ios 15.1

My friend has a Cisco 2801 with ios 15.1 and CME 8.5. I want his router/SIP appliance to be able to receive/send calls through my Elastix box. I have a few spare DID’s and a ton of minutes per month on my package and want to be able to provide service to him… I currently created an extension for him and he’s registered via an extension… But… He can only send calls through me. I can’t send calls to him or even dial him by extension.

What am I doing wrong? I have a DID pointing to him but it gets the same symptoms as when dialing him via direct extension. Since VM is enable I just get a unavailable message.

You don’t want him to be an extension, he needs to be setup as a trunk.

Cisco trunks only need the following:

host=x.x.x.x ; IP address of 2801

That will allow 2 way traffic with the CME. He can then setup a session target to send traffic to you.

What if on his end he see’s:

From: “Unknown” sip:[email protected];tag=as4341a048

Is this okay?

ok… Here’s my issue. I have an inbound route that is a 10 digit DID. When calls come in from this number I send it to trunk I created for my friend. His Cisco router answers the call accordingly… But… The only way I could get him to dial through me was to setup an inbound route matching a specified caller ID (4255) and then sending it to my provider’s trunk… This works… But it shows the caller ID (4255) whenever he calls out… What am I doing wrong?

Hello, you can try this…

I believe you need to set the context=from-internal and at the outbound route level or trunk level you can then set the outbound CID.

When you set the context to from-internal, you then do not need to set incoming DID routing way to allow him to make outbound calls. It will flow through the usual FreePBX outbound routes as defined.

I’m a little confused… I already have the context correct… I don’t want to set the Caller ID at the trunk level for I send other calls through this trunk… I could create a dedicated trunk for him but how do I detect his calls to send through the trunk? So… If I set it at the outbound route level how do I force his calls to his this outbound route? I guess I could create a dial plan for him but providers do this all the time and they don’t have a unique dial pattern for the customer…

Since you can already see the CID, you can create a CID priority route then send the call to a specific trunk with a hardcoded CID ?

okay… It now works… You’re correct. The context from-internal was needed… I then got rid of the inbound route I had to match digits for those are not needed… I then made an outbound route that matches his caller ID… When he sends calls through me it’s sending as a callerd ID of 4000. I create an outbound route matching the desired dialed digits and used the / CallerID field and added 4000 in the CallerID field. This makes is where only his CallerID can dial through this outbound route and when he dials through this route I’m able to specify his CallerID via the RouteCID field… It works so well…

Now I need to figure out the whole A2Billing part of it…hahahha…