Allow tampered file htaccess security warning

I use the .htaccess as a way to keep the bad folks out of my internet exposed PBX’s

Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow from x.x.x.x localhost

Why can’t FreePBX allow these sort of changes without the nag notices? I’m I missing something.

As someone so security minded, I am perplexed why you would have an issue with such a beneficial security feature, even if it runs counter to your current implementation.

Settings > Advanced Settings > System Setup > Enable Module Signature Checking > No

If you are using FreePBX Distro, the use Firewall module to set up fine-grained controls to the different parts of the GUI.

If you are not using Distro, and want to use apache access controls, do it in the apache conf files instead of in .htaccess.

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