Allow Specific Extensions to Dial Specific Countries

Hi all,

So, as a brief introduction, I am working in a company where some of their employees require international calling and some don’t. A the beginning I was able to allow international callings by using a dial pattern [NX.]. And then I added a PIN CODE to the extensions that would need international calling.

The issue is that the previous was just a vague solution and this is allowing literally every single country code. The issue is that my company only wants to give access to specific countries to specify extension numbers. I’ve been looking around and I have come to the conclusion that I would need to create one by one every single country’s dial code. My company does not want to spend any money on Class of Service or Routing Extensions Modules, so I am running out of ideas.

Could you guys delight me with your solutions? How can you easily achieve this? How can I assign specific country codes to specific extensions? Does this mean that I would need to create hundreds of outbound routes matching each country’s code?

I am open to your ideas and suggestions guys! Thank you in advance!

Custom coding on your part and you could approach it a lot of ways, or for a fraction of the time/money/effort try out the Extension Routing module. It comes with support too, which is nice if you need help.

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