Allow PJSIP Trunk to make outbound calls on another PJSIP Trunk on the same FreePBX server

So I have a FreePBX 15 instance I’ve set up for my school since April of this year and it’s honestly been my favorite piece of software since.

Now we’ve gotten a request to add Microsoft Teams support to it and after some trials and tribulations we got a TE-Systems Anynode instance talking to FreePBX and the Anynode talking to Teams through Direct Routing and so far, it’s basically running fine.

The one thing I can’t figure out is how to get calls from the SBC meant for our carrier PJSIP Trunk to go through.

Internal calls between both now work great and what’s weird is that if a call from the carrier PSJIP Trunk goes to FreePBX and gets forwarded to a line on the SBC trunk that works fine too.

If I leave the config as is, it’ll try to dial it like it’s an internal number.

If I add an inbound route that’s ANY ANY to the Carrier Trunk, it’ll disconnect from Teams and the logs will say “Everyone is Busy/Congested at this time”. Even when the route should be working fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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