Allow extension to use a second trunk

After adding a second trunk, I need this to be used by just a particular extension.
I create a second outbound route with /extno field in dial patterns
But I get the “all circuit busy” message using this trunk (incoming calls are ok)
I have NO extension routes module, but I used to do it manually in extension setting I don’t find anymore,
Is it something changed ?
Where can I allow the extension to use another trunk ?

You need a pattern to match the outgoing number, as well.

All is working fine in routing call.
Chosen pattern and extension are matched, thus call is routed via the right working trunk.
(checked via CLI) but call is somewhat banned.
Times ago I used to set a flag manually into the desired extension settings (in absence of extension routing) .
I find no more this setting….

Just a guess – the second trunk provider is blocking the call because the caller ID is not a number you have with them, or is in the wrong format. If this is your only outbound use of the second trunk, set Force Trunk CID and set the correct value. Otherwise, set a Route CID and check Override Extension.

If that’s not your issue, paste a log of the failing call, including SIP trace (pjsip set logger on, or sip set debug on, according to trunk type).

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