Allow CID Lookup to lookup into Contact manager for Caller ID Name


I have entered a lot of conctacts under Conctact Manager - and like that i can grpupe them as i want to.

And i have made a CID lookup to ‘Contact Manager’ and selected some of the groups that i want to. but the system doesent make the look up, so i tested it with ‘Asterisk Phonebook’ and then the lookup is working.

Then I started to search into it, and under ‘CID SuperFecta’ i turned of ‘Asterisk Phonebook’ and turned on ‘FreePBX User Mgr’ and edith the settings to filter ‘8’ insterd of ‘10’ but i dont see a link between ‘CID lookup’ and ‘CID SuperFecta’

And it is still not working what have I done wrong in this context to get this to work

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Set up to work:

Go to “Admin” > “CID Superfecta” select the wanted scheme, turn off unneeded source, enable “FreePBX User Mgr” and set it up as wanted.

Go to “Connectivity” > “Inbound routes” select the route > “Other” enable “Enable Superfecta Lookup” and select " All" under “Superfecta Scheme”