Allow Caller to exit a queue to leave a voicemail

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Setting up my first queue, and I see the option to exit to an IVR, but I don’t see an option for a caller in a queue to be able to press a digit that would dump them into a voicemail box.

Is this possible?


Yes using the IVR breakout with the IVR telling them to press option 8 for example and option 8 would go to voicemail.

Thanks Tony for the quick response. That is what I have as a work around.

It would be nice to have an option from the queue module. With the work around the caller has to press 1 to breakout of the queue, and then 8 (or whatever) to lead the voicemail.

Thanks again.

What do you mean they have to Press 1 first.

IVR breakout just plays the message of your IVR so you create a simple IVR that only has 1 option in it which is to go to VM.

If you take a caller to a breakout ivr and they choose not to leave a voicemail but to remain in the queue does it hold their place in the queue?

Press 1 for VM, press 2 to continue waiting. Where 2’s destination is the queue

You don’t need that, once the IVR audio is done it’ll auto return to the Queue.

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This would be a cool feature.

Lets say you have 5 users waiting in queue.
1 - Wait time 93 sec
2 - Wait time 79 sec
3 - Wait time 59 sec
4 - Wait time 42 sec
5 - Wait time 25 sec

Hold music has a notification that at any time press # to leave a message and a representative will call you back.

Now users 3 doesn’t want to wait. They press # and break out of the Queue and leave a VM to a virtual mailbox 7001.

Now you have 4 users waiting in queue.

I think you guys are using a IVR instead of queue above but what if you are waiting in a queue and don’t want to wait any longer.

This feature already exists in FreePBX. You have Queue IVR breakout, but the only difference is, that you can only press the option while the IVR breakout audio is playing.

You can point # in the IVR breakout to that mailbox. Or if you have VQ Plus, you can have the PBX automatically callback the caller once there’s a free agent.