Allow Anonymous Calls option

Hello All,

I’m desperate to find out what asterisk configuration changes occur when I set the option ‘Allow Anonymous Calls’ to Yes.

I don’t know why my trunk does not work without it, and therefor I really want to know what this option actually changes in the Asterisk configuration.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


If you’re talking about the option in the General Settings, it basically allows calls to come in that aren’t associated with any of your trunks. This can be a good thing and is sometimes necessary (for example, if you want to receive incoming enum calls) but some people consider it a security risk (it can be if you have your system set up in a stupid manner, such as allowing incoming callers to access a DISA with a weak or no password).

However, if this happens with calls that should be associated with a trunk, then see How to get the DID of a SIP trunk when the provider doesn’t send it (and why some incoming SIP calls fail).

Thanks for the reply,

Yes, I’m talking about the one under General Settings.

Can you tell me what it changes in the asterisk config files when I set this to yes?

What does it change in order to allow these calls? Does it change anything in sip.conf or extensions.conf?

No it will not touch either of those files directly. Sip.conf in FreePBX is just a fixed framework that includes many other files. extensions.conf is all the base code, macros and includes frame work (just like sip.conf). I know that it does make a change to one variable in one of the extensions include files of you say yes. It does not look like it touches the sip files.

Either way you should not touch those specific files. To find out what files you can and can’t touch see: