All php package missing when install stable Distro ISO

Hi guys, I just try to install distro today on ESXi’s virtual machine, very usual configuration such like 1G RAM, 8G HDD, one network card. everything goes fine until start to contact Centos repos, then popup error message such as “Missing Package, You have specified that the package php-5.2.17-1.1 should be installed. This package does not exist. Would you like to continue or abort your installation?” after that almost all packages are missing so I have to abort the installation, I guess this is because CentOS have upgrade it’s repos and replace with new version of these packages, that’s is normal but the installation script can’t work with it, what should I do?

What version of the Distro are you trying to install?

I just tested the which is the latest stable and it installs fine. Are you having a DNS issue trying to resolve maybe?

This is the one I use : FreePBX-Distro-Net-32bit-, it’s same as you mentioned, the dns resolve records is :


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I can get through download 2stage.img and start the installation, I believe the installation script call Centos to loading their repos from auto mirror, I guess one of pointed mirror of repos have issues, but I don’t know how to solve this problem.

I’ve installed three times, all problem are same.

No we use our own repos and do not rely on Centos as they change packages all the time and it would create issues.

I installed the same version twice today no issues. When did you last try it.

Ooops, didn’t think you are still online, I am trying it now again, hope can have magic here, I have a quick question, is there any other possible reason to cause this problem?

yes a DNS routing issue.

can you tell me your DNS servers? if it’s public DNS server, I might point the installation script to use your dns server. resolves correct.

We run 4 yum servers with 2 of them online at anytime.

This time looks fine for now, got all packages downloading and installing, so I guess it’s DNS issue, network environment inside of China sometime is a nightmare, thanks for your help! Tony, catch you later.

Ahhh you are from china. The great firewall of China.