All phones to see all history

I am wondering if there is a way to see all the calls for the pbx on all the phones. For example, a receptionist will answer many calls but have the manager be able to see all the calls on their phone, even though they did not answer any calls.

The only way to review calls on the phone is through UCP, which is a tool that exists at the User level. Extending this mechanism to allow for reviews of all records isn’t impossible, but it would be a real pain. Reviewing one’s own calls is cumbersome and machine (phone) specific. The list of phones that can review calls in their screen is a pretty small subset of all of the phones out there. Doing something like this that would work on all of them would be a challenge.

This doesn’t sound like a workable solution for a the problem you are looking to solve.

There is already a module for looking at CDR records, as well a commercial modules for log file review. One of these would be a better solution to the problem at hand. It would also not get interrupted by a phone call and wouldn’t have to worry about the amount of memory or CPU available on a specific phone.

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