All line is unrechable or unavaible



The first screen indicates that Asterisk has failed to start. Look for errors in /var/log/asterisk/*

There isn’t enough context to understand what the second screen relates to.

Hi David good morning…can you tell me what should I do It is my first time to handle a FPBX?. I cant familiar with the command!.

Can you help me please :pensive:

DId you install the distribution onto a clean machine? That’s the best option for first time users with no background on Linux.

Actually I’m a new IT Staff in the company…yesterday morning when I went to work, I opened the Putty Apps and the Web one, then I immediately noticed that error, I didn’t move anything or install anything.I don’t know what happen… :pensive:

Please help

Sir…What doesn’t mean?

OK Let’s start with agreeing on what your skill level is in Linux and voip .

It’s not very likely you’ll get very far asking such a broad question here. What you need is for your company to either hire a consultant that knows FreePBX and Linux to help you resolve this or for your company to get a support contract with Sangoma that will allow their support engineers to help troubleshoot this for you.

From personal experience, Sangoma support is very good and worth the price.