All kind of problems installing FreePBX distro 16 on VMware


I’m trying to install FreePBX 18 from the latest distro (Distro PBX 16) iso (SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2208-2.iso), on a VMware workstation, with the idea to move it to a dedicated hypervisor machine in the future.

The idea is testing it fist as a VoIP hub between mixed VoIP clients, both applications and voip phones and adapters, joining several building and locations in a small closed phone network. If it works, in the future I may try it to conect it to an external VoIP service, and then use it as a proper PBX.

Still, the installer seems to be pretty broken, and lacking real hardware to test it if is broken VM support or the distro itself, but seeming as the vm is supposed to be supported as-is in professional hosting, i suspect a broken installer more.

Once I set the machine with enough resources (Generic Centos 7 machine, 4 processes, 8gb of ram, 20gb of hdd, a single virtual NIC in bridge mode, that should make the virtual machine act as if it was a real machine connected at the same switch that the host machine is), and the machine is created in a generation compatible with the future hypervisor machine (exi 6.5), I proceed with the installation.

The iso boots up and the text menu appears, I boot the installer of PBX distro 16 with Asterisk 18 (the default one) and the graphical installer starts.

  1. I leave the timezone as default (UTC) and set the keyboard and distro language to spanish. It does accept the input but it does nothing: once the installation finishes, neither the keyboard, distro language or FreePBX language change from default (english).
    At least loadkeys works in the CLI, but system-config-keyboard breasks too.

  2. I can’t touch the package sources or the installation profiles. Touching them shows an [Missing group ‘’ …] popup error and a fatal phyton error from the installer that forces the distro to reboot.

  3. The disk selector works for choosing a disk to install into it, but the disk must be virgin (no partitions in it) because trying to delete previous partitions from another failed installation or mounting said partitions for re-using them will break the installer too.

  4. I set the root user password and the installation proceeds. Once finished, it reboots, and the freshly installed machine boots up. I log in as root to show the FreePBX logo and IP. Only one IPv6 shows up, clueing me that DHCP did not work.

  5. I use lspci to check that it has detected the emulated ethernet controller (intel 82545EM, module e1000) and modprobe does show it as loaded. ifconfig shows eth0 as existing, but without conectivity: 0 errors or collisions, and no IPv4 assigned

  6. I checked as sugested in other questions to check /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0, but the sugestions are correct: bootproto=dhcp and onboot=yes.

  7. The networking in the virtual machine works, since I can browse the control panel from the network using the IPv6 address, but the Vm can’t connect outside of itself. It can’t ping out to google’s dns servers (ping, or fetch the dhcp address sent by the router. So of course I can’t activate the machine and access the os-setup module, because it requires activation first.

Since it seems the installer leaves a broken installation somehow:

What previous distro version that uses the old text installer should I use so I can then upgrade it in-place to distro 16/asterisk 18 later without problem?

Its definitely user error on your end. The distro installer is not broken. I did 2 new installs on VULTR hosting over the weekend with the latest FreePBX v16 distro without a single issue. They are up and running live as we speak…

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Sounds like the network scripts didn’t get an ipv4 config setup. I’ve had issues with Hyperv and linux distros wifh a bit different haviour. This however sound like an easy edit to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 to fix settings. and then start or restart the interface. I would check the Bridge adapter in vmware as if its not right then the end results would be it doesn’t’ work as well.

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