All extensions excluded from outbound routes

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I have experienced something strange (at least strange for me as I have never seen it before). We were away from office for 3 days and after we get back we couldn’t dial any outbound number. After I checked what is going on, I’ve noticed that in every outbound rule, in additional settings tab, every extension was in blocked windows and I had to move it back to allowed. Nothing was configured in the meantime except I checked modules for upgrade. There was only one module for upgrade and that was framework.

Anyone knows why did this happen?

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I don’t have a “blocked” window under Additional Settings on the Outbound Route. What other modules do you have enabled?

Sounds like Extension Routing

Hello friends,

Thanks for reply!

Yes, I have installed a commercial module which is related to routing. After the installation it automatically adds all extensions to blocked. I have never used it before so I didn’t know.

many thanks for reply!

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