All devices UNKNOWN (Unspecified)

I’ve used FreePBX for a while before and I never had big problems with it. But today I’ve set up the newest distro and after installing and creating extensions I can’t use any devices. When in “sip show peers” I get all my devices as UNKNOWN and (Unspecified). I really don’t know what is the problem since I’ve never seen it acting that way.

I think that there is no registration being send out to the devices since I can’t see the registration Notices in the console. When I use my cisco 7940 phone to call a softphone I get Unavailable message. Same thing when the PSTN call is coming through SPA3102.

Some new feature that need to be turned on?

Sounds to me like you have the SIP settings wrong, specifically localnet and externip.

Check the sip settings module.

Happened here as well today, all trunks and devices are UNKNOWN and am unable to make any SIP communication, incoming or outgoing.
This PBX was running fine for the last few months. No updates, no firewall changes, fail2ban is clear, Asterisk is listening on the correct ports.


Any ideas will be appreciated.