All Circuits busy

Had this install working seamlessly, made no changes other than updates/upgrades, now getting all circuits busy on outbound only. Have tried many things from forum posts with no luck and not an expert (yet) at freepbx.

would greatly appreciate any assistance to learn where my issue is coming from.

just not sure what the log file is saying and as a new user can link the file here

Normally one would say upload to and quote the variable part of the URL here, but that is broken at the moment. You can still post to another pastebin type server, and then post the URL, but marked up (with the </> button) as pre-formatted text, so the forum doesn’t recognize it as a link.

All circuits busy covers a lot of failure modes and you need the primary error. It is likely you also need to enable protocol debugging, which is channel driver dependent; the initial logs should indicate which channel driver.


It’s got a congested response from the called system. You will need to use the CLI command “pjsip set logger on” before making the test call, to find out exactly what information the other side has provided about the rejection.


I would check your ‘restricted routes’ usage. The call seems to choke on what you have.

From: "Theresa" <>;tag=545da196-b4b5-43f2-ac01-1dc6be990075
There is no number in the From header so is rejecting the call

[2023-01-26 18:22:40] VERBOSE[22271][C-00000011] pbx.c: Executing [s@macro-outbound-callerid:34] ExecIf("PJSIP/4004-0000001c", "1?Set(CALLERID(all)=Theresa)") in new stack

I suspect that Outbound CID for the extension is set incorrectly. The format should be
"Theresa Doe" <3142345678>
Possibly, you are forcing caller ID in the Outbound Route or the trunk. If so, check that the above format is used there.

SORRY for the radio silence, just part of the gig sometimes.

THANK YOU all for the assistance on this. Got back to it last night, after fixing the outbound CID the issues was resolved.

I owe you all a coffee!! thank you again.

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