"All Circuits Are Busy"


I’ve seen a post for this before but am unclear if it was properly resolved, so I’ll ask the question again.

From FreePBX when I dial 123-456-7890 (fictitious number) I will get the internal recording “All Circuits Are Busy”.

From another phone (that’s VPN’d into my office switch - not FreePBX), when dialing the same number (123-456-7890) I will hear “I’m sorry the number you have dialed is not inservice. Please hangup or dial 0. Thank you, Allstream”.

Why don’t I hear the same message when dialing the number from FreePBX?

Thanks in advance.

Those recordings come from your “provider”, if there is no route, then that would be asterisk/FreePBX, if there isb a route from asterisk but your VSP cant’t complete, it returns a SIP response code in the 4/500 range. If you call from Allstream and they can’t complete, you got their message.

Basically you should read


for what the PSTN dos, for what SIP does:-

How they are mapped together is "very undefined "

I took a look at the Asterisk CLI and noticed this feedback when I called one of the numbers. I believe this is what you were referring to in your response. The only difference I’m experiencing is I’m hearing a “busy” tone instead of the “All circuits are busy now” from Allison.

Got SIP response 486 “Busy Here” back from

Thanks for the link. I’ll look into it.


Busy is the easiest to handle. The other codes more problematic as many sip providers return inapprorite codes which is what all that “all circuits are busy” from Alison is about.