"all circuits are busy"

This doesn’t always happen, but it seems to be a 10% chance of happening. I get a “all-circuits” are busy when I dial out, my sip provider (Saff USA) receives a hangup on their end. I am using an eyebeam softphone, which registers to my PBX, for the most part I am able to dial out, I can always receive call in’s. However, once I get an “all-circuits” busy message, the liklihood of the next call out causing that error increases to 90%. What information can I provide that can help someone to help me resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.

My system:
Asterisk 1.4.35

Look at your dial rules, it may have been that no march is found.

Is it your phone which gets, “all circuits are busy”, others phones, and/or both yours and other people’s phones?

Make sure you write down the date/time and actual digits dialed.

With this information, you will be closer to an understanding.