All circuits are busy -only- when trying to dial to Free Conference Call

I’ve been stumped trying to figure out where the problem is with this. With the exception of trying to dial in to our number for Free Conference Call, we can make all other types of outgoing phone calls and incoming work fine as well. I figured I’d reach out for some help to people that are more experienced with this.

The problem is that when I dial the number I get the “All circuits are busy right now” message. The number is (712) 775-7000. I’ve tried dialing it with and without a 1 just in case it was a dialing rules problem. I’m going to also try contacting about this. They’re the ones that provide us with our trunks.

I’m not exceptionally experienced with PIAF and FreePBX yet. My Friend/Supervisor tasked me with figuring out this
problem. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. support got back to me. Below is the entire text of the reply they sent me. Essential the only solution is to use a different conference provider that is NOT doing the “traffic stimulation” thing. Here is a link that explains it a little better: Repsonse Begins

"Unfortunately that number’s area code and prefix is blocked due to a change in’s Acceptable Use Policy.

I have attached a letter from our VP explaining the reason behind blocking these calls.

Dear Customer,

At, Inc. our SIP trunking, BoxSet and Phonebooth voice-over-IP products have been recognized as being a great value for customers. As an interconnected VoIP and communications service provider, we have grown rapidly because our business customers are routinely saving 30-70% off of their traditional telecom bills.

However, we want you to know that the viability of low-cost IP telephony is at risk due to highly controversial so-called “traffic-stimulation” activities of some telecom providers and their business partners through the promotion and use of “free” conference calling or similar services, or “free” adult entertainment and “chat” services. Long distance calls to the phone numbers of these services is usually directed to rural areas where the telecom providers assess charges for the calls that we view as excessive, if not exorbitant. In fact, the charges are so high that the telecom providers have an arrangement where their conference calling or adult entertainment service partners share in the profits.

This practice has been the subject of great controversy within the telecommunications industry and among VoIP providers like, Inc., and has drawn the recent formal scrutiny of both the FCC and the State of Iowa Utilities Board. In our view, these so-called “services” exist for no reason other than to draw high-volume traffic to high-cost tariff areas. In fact, the “free” service is not really free since the telecom provider then turns around and charges the communications companies that send them the long distance “stimulated” calls from around the country for connecting to the service. In our view, this whole practice greatly distorts what would otherwise be a low volume of calls to a given rural area into a high volume calling area, resulting in unfair and excessive charges to others. The problem is compounded because, while the FCC may not look kindly on these practices, thus far, there has not been the timely relief we think is needed to protect those being unfairly charged.

So, how does this affect you if nothing is done? If you are a metered SIP trunk customer (i.e. you are charged per minute), you will be subject to excessively high cost per-minute charges for calls into those rural areas of concern. That free conference calling service that you thought was saving you money would actually cost you significant money on your phone bill.

If you are an Unlimited SIP trunk, BoxSet or Phonebooth customer, your bill will not be affected now. However, the growing costs that, Inc. and other VoIP providers incur to deliver an unlimited nationwide VoIP product will inevitably raise your telecom rates as we try to continue to stay profitable and viable.

Thus, we refuse to do nothing and put our customers or our own business in jeopardy to what we, and many others, believe to be inappropriate practices that exist to take advantage of regulatory loopholes. Therefore, effective today, we are making the following changes to our voice product terms and conditions and acceptable use policy:

a), Inc. will stop allowing voice traffic to a few selected locales in North America, where we determine that “traffic stimulation” practices are going on. Instead of passing on these fees to you, we have chosen to maintain the most competitive rates possible by implementing this policy change.

b) We are updating our Acceptable Use Policy, and are extending other conference calling options to customers who may have a legitimate need for conferencing.

These changes are effective immediately, and can be seen on our website at Please feel free to contact customer care if you have any additional questions or would like to talk about alternate conferencing options for your business.

Additionally, I would urge you to contact the FCC and ask them to crack down on “traffic stimulating” practices by rural telecom companies so that innovation in low-cost, feature-rich IP telephony can continue. They can be contacted at:

Best regards,

Joe Campbell
Vice President of Operations"

Codeninja did you figure this out? I am having the exact same problem when trying to call “Free Conference Call” # (712) 451-6025.

I use SIP trunks. My PBX is the Nerd Vittles version of FreePBX v1.7.

Anybody else have advice?