‘all circuits are busy…’ On External Calls Using Google Voice Via OBiHAI200

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Thank you for that information, but unfortunately that did not resolve the issue for me. What was causing your issue?


I still see stuff related to g722 and also ICE. Confirm that for the extension, Enable ICE Support is No, Disallowed Codecs is all and Allowed Codecs is ulaw .

This line is very suspicious:
[2019-09-27 20:38:29] DEBUG[8820][C-0000000c] chan_sip.c: *** Joint capabilities are (nothing)
Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem because Asterisk would transcode between g722 and ulaw, but let’s avoid that and debug the simpler problem first.

At the Asterisk console prompt, type
pjsip set logger on
and also
sip set debug on
the make a test call and post the log.

Also, do you have any ‘regular’ (from a provider) chan_sip or pjsip trunks on your system. If so, do outbound calls work ok with them?


I remember that I tried a lot of things. I took a quick look at my OBI200 to see if there was anything I might have changed. These came to mind:

ITSP Profile A


X-ICEExpiresIn 2000

ITSP Profile C


X_ICEEnable checked

X_EarlyICEEnable checked

X_EarlyICEEnableIn checked


X_AccessList [IP of your FreePBX]

Voice Services

SP1 Service

X_KeepAliveEnable checked

If I have time when I get home, I’ll snip all of the OBi200 configuration screens and post them for you.

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Hi Stewart, After following the above steps, everything is now set as needed, but the issue still persists. The new log is up. In regards to other trunks: this is the only trunk on the system.

P.S. When I placed the call this time I no longer receive the message that “All circuits are busy.” followed by a message on the phone’s display that would read, “Error 503: Service Unavailable.” Message, I now receive a “The number you have dialed is not in service please check the number and try again." This is followed by the phone display reading “Error 486: Busy.” Is this of any significance?


A little progress: the call now does get sent to the OBi, but a 404 error was returned:

[2019-09-27 23:49:23] DEBUG[2082] chan_sip.c: Header 0 [ 21]: SIP/2.0 404 Not Found
[2019-09-27 23:49:23] DEBUG[2082] chan_sip.c: Header 1 [ 59]: Call-ID: 40757d937186bbcc0a3cd9726c137ab8@
[2019-09-27 23:49:23] DEBUG[2082] chan_sip.c: Header 2 [ 16]: CSeq: 102 INVITE
[2019-09-27 23:49:23] DEBUG[2082] chan_sip.c: Header 3 [ 17]: Content-Length: 0
[2019-09-27 23:49:23] DEBUG[2082] chan_sip.c: Header 4 [ 84]: From: “Oher Enterprises Worldwide PLC.” <sip:63140@>;tag=as622c0e2e
[2019-09-27 23:49:23] DEBUG[2082] chan_sip.c: Header 5 [ 38]: To: <sip:6319837865@>
[2019-09-27 23:49:23] DEBUG[2082] chan_sip.c: Header 6 [ 90]: Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK6d5385a9;received=;rport=5160

So, whichever SPx that has X_UserAgentPort set to 5083 probably has an incorrect X_InboundCallRoute . I’m pretty sure that the OBi’s Call History should show something about this last call.

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The OBi’s call history still shows no trace of any outbound calls only, inbound calls being routed from SP1 (GV) to SP3 (PBX). As for X_InboundCallRoute on SP3 (which has X_UserAgentPort set to 5083), it is set to sp1. Would this be the correct setting? Additionally if this setting where incorrect, wouldn’t I not be able to receive inbound calls from the OBi as well?


Sorry, I have only an old OBi110 and don’t use GV, so I don’t know what is wrong here.

Some suggestions:

Confirm that X_EnforceRequestUserID is unchecked.

Confirm that you can make GV calls from the phone port of the device, using the same 10-digit dialing format.

Try power cycling the OBi.

Check the OBi settings against this article: http://nerdvittles.com/?p=25846

This may also be useful: https://cboh.org/voip/obi/OBi_As_ITSP.html

If you are using the OBiTALK portal, log into the OBi itself to be sure that your updates all propagated to the device.

If you still have trouble, post on Obitalk forum or at https://www.dslreports.com/forum/voip .

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Ironically enough, those two articles are the articles that I used to set the OBi up originally. Now something really interesting just occurred. After unchecking X_EnforceRequestUserID, I was able to place one successful outbound call. When I tried to place a second outbound call I once again received the “All circuits are busy.” recording followed by a message on the phone’s display that read, “Error 503: Service Unavailable.” I recieved this message a few more times. But after that everything seems to be working. I placed two more SUCCESSFUL outbound calls!

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Thank you so very much for helping me solve this issue! You truly are a lifesaver!

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