All circuits are busy dialing out

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to FreePBX and the VOIP game so bare with me.

My system was working fine for both incoming and outgoing calls but recently I started getting “all circuits are busy” making outbound calls. I hope someone can assist with figuring this out with me.

I have a Grandstream 8 port ATA which has 4 lines configured. All 4 are showing registered with the PBX. The lines show ONLINE in the Asterisk Info report as do the two sip trunks I have configured.

I have one default outbound trunk configured and checked the dial pattern is correct for 10 digit dialing. I’ve also tried just 011. for international calls and get the same result.

The system has been rebooted and there are no issues showing in the dashboard.

Incoming calls from my cellphone work fine and ring the first extension. I’m dialing out of the 3rd extension to my cellphone and get the message.

At this stage, I’m not really sure what logs would be useful to post or if anyone has any suggestions. I’m using the latest 16.0.30 version.


Without at least some logs, there isn’t enough information to make good suggestions, as your symptom is probably the most common symptom of something being wrong.

This is a list of modules loaded:
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and the asterisk log
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Let me know if those help.

Additional: This very smart system doesn’t want new users to paste links so you’ll have to put in the http bit yourself.
And the dots it seems.

The call did not attempt to dial out on the trunk.

Line 217:
[2023-02-07 19:03:07] VERBOSE[30666][C-0000000d] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:40] NoOp("PJSIP/203-00000013", "max channels used up") in new stack

This looks strange. Did you set Maximum Channels for the trunk (it would normally be left blank)? But even if you did, that shouldn’t have been exceeded since the system was otherwise idle.

That was is it exactly. In fact just before dinner I was looking through the trunk config and saw the 0 in “Maximum channels” and figured it didn’t look right so when I saw this come via email it validated that thought. Thank you to everyone for the quick help in getting this resolved.

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