All calls work... except from verify Google voice?

I have Google voice numbers forwarded to my FreePBX. They work fine. However every now and then Google requires me to verify them. When I have Google voice call the number to give me the code, there’s nothing. No sound. If I “Follow me” the call to my cell, same thing. Dead air. Again, only when doing the verify? Anyone else run into this or have a solution?

Have you tried to change where the GV number goes, like directly to your cell? Does that have the same issue?

Google Voice is call forwarding the call to your PBX, they aren’t really designed for doing that. Call Forward is call forward. So this very well could be a system that is expecting talking or some sort of human to answer the phone.

How can I route the call directly to the cell? I have an inbound route that sends it directly to my extension so that a human (me) answers it instead of an IVR but that didn’t get it done. I did the Follow-me to my cell but again, didn’t get it done. Since there’s no IVR answering first, wouldn’t this be the same as directly to my cell?

The same way you routed it to your PBX? How do you route the number there now?

No. You can’t do that. In order to verify a number Google must call that number and give you a code which you must then enter back into Google. If I set the number to my cell phone it would only verify my Cell phone and then forward to the cell. I don’t want it forwarded to my cell. I want it to go to the PBX where the call can be routed/processed like any other inbound call.

The advantage of using the Google Voice number is that I’m not paying for the DID from SipStation.

So I’m going to ask again, how are you forwarding this GV DID to your PBX? You can’t do a straight up SIP connection to them without one of their ATA gateways. So do you have that? Or are you forwarding the GV DID some place else?

I happened to have a GV forwarding number in need of verification, which completed with no trouble.

I temporarily switched the incoming route destination to my extension, but left in place the Pause Before Answer option, which was set to 2. This is needed for normal calls forwarded through GV; if the IVR picks up immediately GV assumes it went to voicemail and drops the call. Possibly it’s also needed for the verification call. When the extension rang, I waited another 3 seconds before answering.

The number forwarded to is with via AnveoDirect. Caller ID was 12024558888.

I just have it as a straight up forward. No ATA gateway. You said it doesn’t work but it’s been working for me for a long time. It still works, except when trying to do the verification.

Right, your GV number is forwarded to a DID on another carrier that you have a trunk to. The OP said the advantage was not having to pay for a SIPStation DID, but a DID is still needed so that comment makes no sense.

I didn’t say it didn’t work, I said that Google Voice is a call forwarding service which generally don’t expect a PBX or other Multi-Line Telephone Systems to be on the other side. It’s meant more for forwarding a number to your cell phone or landline.

However, I think @Stewart1’s suggestion of Pause Before Answer might be the solution for your issue.

I have several numbers that ring into my PBX on a truck from Sipstation. Sipstation charges for each DID in addition to each trunk. By having the Google Voice number forwarded to an existing DID on Sipstation I now have another number I can publish without needing to publish the DID it’s forwarded to. If I do that through SipStation, there would be a fee.

I didn’t have the pause in my system so I added that. The rest was already set up the same as yours. However now when I try to do the verify I get an error from Google saying "Something went wrong. Try verifying with another number. " Oddly, when I change it back without the pause, I still get the same error. This error wasn’t happening earlier.

And of course there’s no way to verify a forwarding number other than calling or texting that number so I don’t understand what Google is saying about Verifying DID1 with DID2. They only verify with DID1.

If you need numbers in many cities e.g. to “appear local”, but don’t get much traffic on each one, take a look at . US DIDs are only $0.08/mo. (that’s not a typo), though you’ll pay $0.00325/min. for incoming calls. They provide a small credit at signup, so you can test without making a payment.

I don’t know what may be wrong with GV verification; possibly they just blocked you for too many attempts and if you retry in a day or two you’ll be fine. If not, posting in their help forum might work. If not, add some other DID you have as a forwarding number and try verifying that.

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