All calls come in as "City, Province" <phone number>

Hello everyone.

I have a number of Cloud hosted FreePBX16’s, all work flawlessly with one exception that I am trying to resolve.

Previously, we have been with and then Telnyx. With those providers, all incoming calls came with proper caller ids.

But ever since we switched to bandwidth, all calls come as “City, Province”
For example “MONTREAL, PQ” <5141234567>

Any suggestions?

Enable CallerID Name services. Works fine for me.

Hey, thanks for the response.

Can you be more specific?

I verified all the options on Bandwidth Portal within the Subaccount, Location and number.
I found CNAM Display (Caller ID) under Location Voice. This is enabled and enforced.

Under the freepbx there are a number of places to my knowledge

CID lookup sources
CID Superfecta

(This one is blank)

Inbound route, other tab, CID Lookup Source
(Set to internal which is the name under admin CID Lookup sources)

There are also options within the trunk.

I am thinking it could be related to Bandwidth being an American company and not sending over the sip headers properly?

We are in Canada and 99.9% of our inbound (and outbound) calls are in Canada.

Why do you need superfecta or another CID lookup source in FreePBX? If you turn CNAM Display at the Bandwidth level, they are doing the lookup. So what is the raw CID Name they give you before these other lookups happen at the PBX level?

I was testing Superfecta and looking into the possibility of adding a CID Lookup source as the Caller ID’s coming in from Bandwidth are always something like “MONTREAL, PQ” <5141234567>

I opened a ticket with bandwidth to inquire on this.
I recently got the following response.

"Hi Daniel, when calling CAN > CAN there is no CNAM dip that occurs so you need to program the SIP header for calls between Canadian TNs in order for anything to display. Canada does not use caller ID databases. BW does not program SIP header, we only replace the information with results of a dip in cases where TNs are calling within the US. Feel free to reach out with additional questions.

you should be able to insert this information in the call flow in the SIP header. To my knowledge no additional masking is needed beyond that to display when calling CAN > CAN."

Their support isn’t for FreePBX, so I am wondering how I can resolve this on our end.

Actually I don’t think their response is accurate.
The same thing happens with calls from the USA.
Instead of caller name, it’s “CHICAGO IL” <3121234567>

I use Bandwidth and Caller Name is working fine for me.

I am very happy for you. I came here to FreePBX in hopes someone may have an idea and offer me a suggestion. Perhaps I misconfigured something. Ill keep digging and post when I find the resolution.

Still open to any suggestion.

Well my point is, this really isn’t a FreePBX issue. What happens when caller id name is turned on at Bandwidth? Does the City, State/Province still display in the name or is it blank? If you use a lookup tool online does the result change to something else?

in your case, when the majority of people call your systems…
Does it say for example “John James” 438 123 4567 or “Montreal QC” 438 123 4567

I ask because previously under and also Telnyx, we always had the name.

I did a test with a web page
And… the numbers I tested all came back as City / State instead of the name.

Safe to assume other providers provide a free CNAM service?

According to Bandwidth… the do offer CNAM service

This is a ticket you need to open with the carrier. If you are saying that different names show up for different carriers, then communicate that to them.

This has been ongoing for a while. A ticket was opened and closed previously but unresolved.
I was then under the impression I am doing something wrong in my configuration, which I verified a number of times.

A new ticket has been opened. Only today I am under the impression the issue is on their end.
Thank you. We can close the ticket.

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