All: Call Flow Toggle *28 not work in Freepbx 13

I have many call flow and I need to activate or deactivate all with the default code *28. When I dial *28 I read on the cli:
– Executing [[email protected]:34] Set(“SIP/909-000008a3”, “CHANNEL(language)=it”) in new stack
– Executing [*[email protected]:2] Goto(“SIP/909-000008a3”, “app-daynight-toggle,28909,1”) in new stack
– Goto (app-daynight-toggle,28909,1)
[2017-02-16 21:37:25] WARNING[29863][C-000004f1]: pbx.c:6796 __ast_pbx_run: Channel ‘SIP/909-000008a3’ sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context,exten,priority=app-daynight-toggle,28909,1

On my old Freepbx 12 It was Ok ! In the extensions_adddiotionals.conf there were the extensions 28XXX for each extensions I had.

Please could anyone help me to fix ?


We removed this feature code in 13. If you feel as though you need it then let us know why

Because, for example, a customer of mine has 33 different queues one for each line. He has one call flow control code to open or close manually for each queues and when he need to open or close all the queues he does it just using one code (*28) for all.

I Think that this feature could be usefull. In the previuos version of freepbx (he has freepbx 12 until last week) the *28 code for Call Flow Toggle was working

is it possible to have back the feature in the next future ?

It sounds like it should be possible with the application of a little custom context code, at least in the interim.

Yes, indeed I added in the extensions_averride_freepbx the following custom context:

exten => * 28308,1,Set(INDEXES=0&01&02&03&04&05&06&07&08&09&10&11&12&13&14&15&16&17&18&19&20&21&22&23&24&25&26&27&28&29&30&31&32)
exten => * 28
exten => * 28308,n,Set(NIGHTREC=beep&silence/1&featurecode&activated)
exten => * 28
exten => * 28*308,hint,Custom:DAYNIGHT0&Custom:DAYNIGHT01&Custom:DAYNIGHT02&Custom:DAYNIGHT03&Custom:DAYNIGHT04&Custom:DAYNIGHT05&Custom:DAYNIGHT06&Custom:DAYNIGHT07&Custom:DAYNIGHT08&Custom:DAYNIGHT09&Custom:DAYNIGHT10&Custom:DAYNIGHT11&Custom:DAYNIGHT12&Custom:DAYNIGHT13&Custom:DAYNIGHT14&Custom:DAYNIGHT15&Custom:DAYNIGHT16&Custom:DAYNIGHT17&Custom:DAYNIGHT18&Custom:DAYNIGHT19&Custom:DAYNIGHT20&Custom:DAYNIGHT21&Custom:DAYNIGHT22&Custom:DAYNIGHT23&Custom:DAYNIGHT24&Custom:DAYNIGHT25&Custom:DAYNIGHT26&Custom:DAYNIGHT27&Custom:DAYNIGHT28&Custom:DAYNIGHT29&Custom:DAYNIGHT30&Custom:DAYNIGHT31&Custom:DAYNIGHT32

The problem is that I have to remeber to update the custom context each time I add a new call flow control. Moreover I should write this for each exten I have.
I really do not understand why the *28 code has been removed with the freepbx 13

Me neither, but the question I’m trying to get you to think about is “Do I need this right now?”

If you need it right now, your approach will work until you can get the ticket submitted asking for the code to be reinstated. If you can wait (which I’m pretty sure you can’t) then submit the ticket and wait.

Now, you might want to consider using database lookups to decide which things need to be exercised. Remember, you can add your own database keys in the SQLite database in Asterisk… Who knows, maybe someone that loves to do this stuff might come up with an interim solution that isn’t too bad for you.

It was removed because it was based on permissions of your phone through Class of Service which is why the feature code looked like (star)28(star)[extension]

These feature codes that depended on a commercial module (“Class of Service”) were removed because it goes against the open source logic of the open source module. EG there was no point in using that feature code unless you specifically bought Class of Service.

I guess users (such as yourself) started using it (even though it was broken) as a “toggle all” something that never existed before FreePBX 12.