All agent's unpause after a server reboot

Hello everyone, I am running into an issue when we are needing to apply changes to our PBX. Once changes have been made sometimes a reboot is necessary. After a reboot and the system comes back up. Every agent becomes un paused in all our queues. Now we can go into FOP2 and pause everyone but it’s kind of a tedious task every time we want to do this. Is there a way to mass pause/unpause every agent en masse? We are tired if tip-toeing around scheduling reboots on the PBX because of this issue. If there are any work arounds anyone knows of, I would love to hear them! Please and thank you.

I think the solution is not to use pause; have the agents log out when done for the day.

Chances are that you won’t convince anyone to change their workflow. :slight_smile:

I wrote a very simple script for this scenario. Replace “800” with your queue number.


for member in $( /usr/sbin/asterisk -rx "queue show 800" | /usr/bin/sed -n 's/^.*(\(Local[^ ]\+\).*$/\1/p' ); 
	/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx "queue pause member $member queue 800 reason restarted";

Log in to the server after you restart and run this script, or put it in rc.local or some other way of making it run on startup (but you have to wait until asterisk is started).

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Thanks billsimon, I will have to test this out in a test queue and see how it goes for our setup. What command are you using to kick off the script in the CLI. Are you just chmodding the script to be executable u+x and then use sh to run it?

Yes, you are correct. I could push out a mass e-mail and suggest everyone log out at the end of the day and stop using the pause feature altogether, realistically this is not going to happen, they’ve been doing it like that for years and I just don’t think everyone would respond well considering it doesn’t impact them just our IT team.

Yes just make a file with those contents and chmod +x and run it directly.

This works great, really appreciate the help! Saves my team a lot time and headache going forward.

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