Algo Page and Intercom not working but scheduled rings work?

Hope someone can help me out here.

I have a ALGO 8301 Page and Intercom device that is giving me problems.
First is the Ringer. I have the algo connected to a amp and then to speakers in a warehouse. That all works good.
I created a new extension 1010 and assigned it to the algo. The algo shows successful registration.
I then added the extension 1010 to my ringgroup but calls do not ring over the loudspeaker.
It worked once when I first added the extension but stopped soon after.

I also set up 1111 as a paging so I can call people to the office or tell them they have a call.
Again it worked once right when I set it up and then stopped. If i dial 1111 it says service unavailable.

The algo has a schedule I setup for lunch breaks and that works perfectly fineā€¦

I have read thru the manual and checked every setting over and over and have no idea why its not working.

Any help is appreciated.


Hey we are having this exact same issue. If I reboot the device it comes online and I can page. Shortly after it looses registration to the server from the FreePBX side, but in the device itself it still says registered

I found that downgrading the firmware to 1.5.6 is the best for me.

Also under advance SIP set register period to 120.
And Keep alive set to Double CRLF.

Yeah i actually just changed to SIP Outbound support Enabled and then set Register to 60 seconds. It seems to be staying in place.

Thank you for the confirmation of the issue however. :smiley: I would downgrade however Algos websites is offline