Alerts and Custom Ringtones

FreePBX 5.211.65-14
DPMA with a mix of D40 and D70 phones

So I can get alerts working with the built in ringtones of the Digium phones. If I build an alert that uses a custom ringtone the ring that is played is the default ring ‘Digium’. It’s like the alert info is passed from FreePBX to the phone correctly but the phone can’t “find” or identify the custom ringtone so it defaults the standard ring. If I change the ringtone in the alert to one of the built in tones it works no issues. The custom ringtone does show up in the preferences and I can preview and even assign it as my default ring. No issues there. So is this a DPMA issue possible? Maybe I should manually load the ringtone into the web console and attempt? Any help or guidance is welcomed. FYI the alert is based on an inbound route alert info.

I’m assuming you’re using the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX, yes?

If so, you’re experiencing a known bug. Apologies.

Yes, I am using the Digium Phones Addon. Thanks for that info Malcolm at least I know I’m not crazy! Are there any work arounds for this?

Negative, no work-arounds, sorry.

Gotcha. With it being a known bug there is a chance it will be squashed in future releases hopefully. Until then, I can set the customer ringtone as the default ring and set any alerts to use the factory rings.