Alert-info on follow me FREEPBX16


we have some grandstream phones
and we are using distinctive ringtone on follow me list via alert-info …while this was operational on an old freepbx version. (e.g i called a number after a few seconds ,followme triggered and extensions on followme list rang with this distinctive tone )
we realized,that with the same phones on NEW freepbx when we set distinctive tone on followme via alert-info …phones use this distinctive ringtone not only on followme but e.g you call them and at the first ring you hear this distinctive rigntone.(overwrite default ringtone )…phones are the same model/firm/and are provisioned with identical a result problem should be on freepbx16 …any ideas ?? thanks a lot

Calls always check followme first. If FM is configured in a way that it rings the primary first but then rings the rest after it still has all the FM headers/settings applied to it.

Thanks for the info…indeed I noticed with sngrep that when i call the primary ext the alert-info header is visible…is it possible to amend this somehow or it’s a product(frrepbx) limitation?

Also does anyone knows an operational way to use distinctive tone for a bunch of extensions similar with follow me scenario? .
I appreciate your feedback and ideas on the above

also i am wondering if i could modify SIP header on extensions_additional.conf .then somehow use dinstictive tone ONLY for Followme list (NOT on primary extension).
is it feasible?

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