Alert Info doesn't work from a direct transfer

Calls to a Ring group directly send the correct Alert Info IE: someone dials the group or a call goes to the group from an IVR. IF a call comes into a ring group and is answered and then transferred to the ring group the alert info doesn’t work. We have changed the Blind Transfer Alert and Attended Transfer Alert from inheret to unset in Advanced settings with no change. What needs to be set for this to work??


Remember that every call is essentially a new call once it’s been answered. I would be really surprised to find that the Alert-Info was passed along as the “new” call from the extension on the “old” call was sent to a completely unrelated extension.

The Alert Info is probably getting set on the Inbound Route, so the only way this would work again would be to re-route the call back into the RG from the Inbound Route.

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