'alert info' does not work in beta1

Good day to everybody.

I manually upgraded my Trixbox 2.2.2 with Asterisk- and with Freepbx-2.3.0beta1 to get T38 support.

Everything is working fine (up to now at least), but I cannot get any distinctive ring on Inbound Routes with the option (on Inbound Route page) “alert info = Bellcore-dr3” like I use to get before the upgrade with Asterisk-1.2.xx.

I red on some posts that “alert info” is deprecated in Asterisk-1.4.xx and that we must use “SIPAddHeader”.

Does anybody know how to do it in Freepbx-2.3 ?

Or, if it is not possible with Freepbx, how to do it manually ?

It is very usefull to know if an incoming call is from the office next door or from the outside world.

Than you very much in advance and, please, forgive my bad English, but it is not my mother language.

please file a bug on this.