Alarm or Emergency Sound paging

Hi everyone,

i need to play a sound on all the phones when i call a ring group. That´s all

Doing the research its supposed that when u have an announcement configured on a ring group when you call the ring group the wav file reproduces. but i try and nothing happens, i already use auto answer and the phone hears me.

Well in our school have some colors to identify about city risk (our city is kind of insecure) but we want to implement a sound so everyone go inside and shelter. We have phones in every classroom , library, etc . We wanto to call a number (code) and a sound (alarm) rings in every phone. I read something about paging pro but i still dont get it clear. Any info would be appreciated.


Thought 1:
Your WAV file probably isn’t in the right format. It’s very picky.

Thought 2: If you want to light up more than a half dozen phones at once, better to use multicast. I know on our Yealink phones, I can have several multicast addresses to listen on… so for example, I have one address that is my “normal paging”, then I have SOME phones that will receive an emergency page if the front desk presses a button.


i can play the file and sounds ok, i downloaded as .wav and the Freepbx converted again to wav , let me check that.

i have aastra phones so let me read about multicast on the freepbx.


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