Ajax request declined

I just purchased the End Point manager and I went to “Add a Brand” to get started and I get a red popup in the upper right corner that says “Ajax request declined”. This is a fresh install of FreePBX which I then updated to the latest versions 10.13.66-6 and then did the module updates. Any ideas? I tried the “ampportal chown” with no change and of course I reboot my server 5 times (little joke there).

EPM works fine for me, what brand are you trying to add?

So I got to work today and now its working fine. I don’t know what that was all about. I am a little concerned that my PBX requires Internet access to use the modules that I pay for. Not that my PBX doesn’t have Internet access but if for some reason it didn’t, I could be in a bind because of that.

If you lose needed functionality because of lack of internet, then by all means file a ticket. The vast majority of PBXs won’t function at all without internet, so it is not a test case I (and presumably others) spend much effort on.

I have the same problem on a new install of FreePBX. I have created an bug report.