Ajax.php?command=reload taking 30 seconds

This is when reloading (ie. Apply Config) from the GUI (first time and repeatedly) using latest stable Google Chrome 64bit or latest stable Firefox. I can see in developer mode that it is waiting for ajax.php?command=reload. When I do it from the CLI using fwconsole reload it’s only about 10 seconds. This is a fresh install on digitalocean. I am only about 20ms away and have 1Gbps fiber so it’s not my internet connection.

I see it with distro and non-distro installs with other providers like Amazon and Vultr as well. I tried uninstalling all the modules except for the basics but it still seems to be doing it.

Sometimes it is faster, like maybe 15-20 seconds, sometimes it’s even slower like maybe 45 seonds. I have also seen it time out sometimes which I think is at 60 seconds. I have been seeing this for awhile on different servers in different datacenters in different locations. If anything, it seems to be getting slower.

Disabling signature checking seems to help a little bit. Removing RSS feeds seems to help a little bit too but not sure. Is there anything else I should try? I’d like to try get it down to around 5 seconds or less like it used to do with v12.

I know I am not the only one having this problem. Is this going to be fixed at some point? This is something specific to the GUI. When I do fwsconsole reload from the CLI it works fine.

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