Ajax Error - Check the Console

Hi, new install. Getting this error “Ajax Error - Check the Console”.
Any ideas? What console is it suggesting be checked?

Did you check the console log?


I give up. Didn’t think I needed to know how to debug whatever the console is. It doesn’t get any simpler. Its a brand new install and during the process of trying to setup my first extension I get this this Ajax error now. This was working fine last week. I had 2 extensions setup and could call between them and I thought I was on my way. I stated from scratch with a brand new install once this Ajax error started. This ajax error is not immediate. It seems to kick in after a few minutes. Anyway, I can’t get anywhere. Now the IP address of my freepbx install is no longer reachable (with either Chrome nor Firefox).

Not a good place to be when asking others for their time. If you don’t care, why would we? You provided no information, is it a distro install, or did you compile it yourself, versions, etc. There are no details, and if you cannot be bothered to do anything, there is no point in trying to offer suggestions.

You can pay Sangoma or other service providers for support, you can read the wiki and man pages and gain the knowledge yourself, you can buy a managed cloud service. There are many paths forward to you. Good luck!


Sorry, a bit of frustration coming thru. I’m running Virtualbox on a machine running Linux Mint. I’ve created a Virtualbox VM and booting a 4 GB, 2 VCPU, 60 GB VM (with bridged network connection) from the currently available FreePBX ISO that I downloaded. It installs fine. After install, I can log in into the Linux VM using the root password I assigned when asked during the install. The login is accepted. I then use firefox to access the assigned IP address of FreePBX. I start go thru the admin setup process and things are moving along fine . Halfway thru this admin setup process (where I am simply accepting the defaults), I start to see “undefined” popping up in a red banner at the top of the browser screen. I then see the FreePBX gear on the upper right turn red and when I hover the mouse over the red gear, I get the “Ajax error check the console” error message. If I hit refresh on the browser, the browser can no longer access the Freepbx admin web page. If anyone has some ideas on what I may doing wrong, I welcome them. If not, that’s fine too. This support community has always been great and helpful.

Use the instructions linked above to provide a console log, so the community can see what the specific error is.

A complete shot in the dark could be to upgrade everything from the CLI and see if that helps?

yum upgrade -y
fwconsole restart
fwconsole ma upgradeall
fwconsole reload

Thanks for the reply. At the moment the error is not present. I have a few questions however…
I have Zoiper desktop client running on the linux desktop that is hosting virtualbox running the Freepbx VM and it can register. I have an android client that is getting a 408 error when trying to register. Both are on same network. Should the Linux firewall be running on the VM that is running FreePBX?

Typically the Linux firewall is on. The quickest way to test if that is the problem is to turn it off and see if it works. If it does not, then it is something else.

Thanks all.

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