AI Voice Boot agent


kindly I need your help to make an AI Voice Boot agent and integrate it with the asterisk server IVR I found several sites like Google Dialogflow but it’s very costly is there any module inside pbx or any cheap site I can use to make a model for this if there is an option or any AI model I can use if you know please help me as I need it ASAP.

No or rather you have to connect other applications, dialogflow is expensive and still requires a system to pass the call to the bot, we had implemented it via modified sip haeders transported to Dialogflow via Twilio one of the few supported providers. Natively there is nothing, so you should have a bot that accepts a sip flow (if it only accepts it from certain partners things get more expensive), even having to deal with ari-agi on third-party systems is a very uphill road.

how much does it cost and is there any documentation for this way can I test it or just have a trial?

From Dialogflow you select Twilio, and there is all the documentation, it’s not exactly user-friendly, you also need to write some code, the cost also depends on the volume of calls

Thanks, bro and if there are any alternatives more cheaper than dialog flow please provide me with them I found in normal the cost per minute put nor with Twilio the cost was almost 0.40 cents per minute which is a huge cost for us .


in reality you need the Twilio SIP trunk to connect Freepbx with DialogFlow, imagine the call enters your Pabx with your carrier’s SIP trunk, at which point it ends up on the Twilio SIP trunk added to Freepbx which takes it to DialogFlow which answers and then perhaps return to some queues of your Freepbx through modified sip header, always passing through the Twilio sip trunk… in practice the Twilio sip trunk is simply a connector, it is not used to make telephone calls to national numbers or international, so it will cost less, but there will still be a cost per minute to bear. This, together with the complexity of the system and the fact that at the moment sangoma does not offer any solution, at least for the workloads we manage (about 20 millions minutes of conversation (in and out) and over 1000 extensions last year, all things considered, it’s as if the operators had been on the phone for over 35 years :grin:) is pushing towards 360° omnichannel solutions such as freshcaller or talkdesk which also have an integration with Salesforce

I hope that Sangoma working on it but I will give it a try using Twillo and see how much it costs also I will search in depth if I find any custom model I will share it but unfortunately, I am not working with AI or ML or even know someone works with such as this models so I don’t have much experience related to this part