Agents in queues are displaying incorrectly after upgrading to Asterisk 18

We just recently ran the asterisk-version-switch on our FreePBX 14 instance. We went from Asterisk 13 to 18. Since upgrading some of our agents are showing incorrectly in their queues. For example one of our agents is showing as Unavailable in his queue even though his device is registered and he can make and receive calls, just not from the queue. Here is the output of core show hints and queue show for one of the queues our agent is a member of. Thanks in advance for any help

Whether the queue agent is available in Asterisk has nothing to do with the presence state for the hint. I’ve seen this in the past and I *think the quick fix is to have the agent logout of the queue and login again.

We have had them logout/login again and it seems to be the same thing.

I still haven’t figured this out but what I have noticed is that if I run queue show it will show an agent “In use” in one or more queues and other times show them “Not in use” in one or more queues even though they are on the phone. Shouldn’t the output be “In use” for that agent in all queues if they are currently on the phone?

I am not sure if it matters or not but all of our agents are using PJSIP. The queues are configured with “Skip Busy Agents: Yes + (ringinuse=no)” and “Agent Restrictions: Extensions Only”

I found these tickets for the issue I am having. DO NOT use the certified Asterisk 18.9-cert4 you should instead be using the latest version of 18 since it was fixed later on. Not sure why there is still a certified version that has a serious bug like this it should be updated.

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Presumably none of the customers with support contracts are falling foul of the problem.

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