Agents in queue

May i ask again please

in queue’s page (…/admin/config.php?display=queues)

with Ring Strategy:linear
is it possible to have in Static Agents two extensions per line without having created a ring group for them?
for example something like

Static Agents: [101,0 102,0]

Ring Strategy:**linear**

and the pbx to ring together the 101 and 102 extensions and if they do not answer to ring the 103 after

without having to create a ring group that would include the 101 and 102 extensions
because i change them very frequently
thank you :eyeglasses:

Sounds like a feature request, since I’m reasonably certain that the queue module doesn’t do that.

Have you filled out a feature request yet?

i created one

thank you and looking forward to a future development!

Its not something we could add. Those strategies come from Asterisk and built into the C code of asterisk in app_queue so its something Asterisk would need to add so please create a feature request with digium on this.