Agent "Virtual" Extension Login?

I am wondering if it is a built in feature in FreePBX to have call agent login in to a SIP extension with a virtual extension for call recording purposes and mobility? What I want is to have a agent sit at any desk and be able to login with there own “Virtual Extension”.

Right now we are running a Asterisk GUI. In the GUI in the “Call Queues” tab there is a tab to add “Agent Login Settings”. There you can add a “Agent Login Extension” or “Agent Callback Login Extension” to whatever number you want. I have tried both and “Agent Callback Login Extension” is the only one that lets you stay logged in after you hang up. From what I can tell this edits the “extensions.conf” underneath [queues] and adds this “exten=XXXX,1,agentcallbacklogin()”.

So if i cannot do this from the FreePBX GUI can I add this in to make it work? Please tell me the best way to set this up.

Thank You!

Has anyone tested this yet? This is exactly what I need. If so how is it working out? Will this be implemented in a future update?

Yes, you can have users log into any phone and it automatically become their extension. Search for deviceandusers on this site for some additional details. There is a Queues module that allows you to define your queues. They do not work the same as plain Asterisk, so you’ll have to test it to see if you like the way it works.