Agent login or agentcallback login?

hi everybody
following scenario that I do not know very well how I can create it and that is why I come to ask for your help.

I would like to create several posts with extensions 150, 151 and 152 for example and what I want to do that I do not know how to do it is to create a user login 1782 for example, associated with the name jperez and that same user can log in to any of the extensions 150, 151 or 152 and that automatically goes to available state in the queue that is associated.
If possible, after dialing your username login 1782 you will hear “Agent login” and when you re-enter user 1782 you will hear “Agent Logoff”.

Is this possible to do?

There are several applications that look kind-of like what you are describing. Some work easily, some not so much.

If you want to set up Queues for incoming calls, you can set up agents the way you describe. You can use Feature Codes to log in and out (and pause) for that queue.

If you want to be able to reach the person at extension 1782 regardless of where they sit (regardless of the extension) you can simulate “roaming profiles” using personal queues (a queue assigned to a specific person). The disadvantage of this is that you have to set up a queue for each person.

If you have some other application, please let us know and we might be able to help you with that as well.

1782 will not be a extension but will be a agent number to login in to the queue “sales” for example.
so i need a dial number to login in the queue to recieve inboud calls for example but not a extension number to login

What’s the issue with the extension logging into the queue?

Look in the Admin menu for “Feature Codes”. This is the list of feature codes for your specific instance. Use the “Log into queue” feature code to log in to the queue. Use the “Log out of queue” to log out.

What i need is a code for each user to login, for example: user jwhite use code 1782 to login and log out, user pparker, code 1783 to login and log out. They only have to dial this code.

And they can login at any deskphone like extension 200 or 201

You have to write a custom context for this.

Thanks cynjut, so i need some help in this case. i dont have any knowlegde about create custom context in asterisk-

its posible to create a costum context for each agent?

I am afraid your logic here is not correct.

Can you please explain what you are trying to accomplish?

I think you can just accomplish the same by logging directly into the queue.

Hi PitzKey, i just need a costum context to login and log out the agents. Imagine i have 2 agents; agent 1 will just dial 1782 to login at any extension avaliable (hot desking) and then press 1782 to log out. Agent 2 the same but using code 1783 and they will be login in to the queue.

they dont have to dial any password, just dial 1782 for exemple and they will hear “agent log in” or “agent log out”

This is what you want to do… What are you trying to accomplish tho?

Eg. An agent coming in to a desk, being able to choose from which queues they take calls etc…

Please describe…

the agent dont have to choose the queue, just use the code 1782 for example to log in and hear “agent log in”

I think we all understand that you want to hotdesk these folks - the problem most of us are having is that you dial “1782” and get logged in, then wha?.

How would you contact that person after that? You can’t dial 1782 - that would log you in to the phone and log them out. You can’t route a call to extension 1782 - there’d be a destination conflict.

So - the reason none of us can understand what you want to do is because it would be useless. You can’t use the model you are describing because there’s no way to resolve the “overload” of the dialed code.

Is there a way to set up a feature code to log one agent into one queue? Yes, there is. Would it be easier than using the dial functions that are already built into the system? Probably not, but the upfront work is yours, not ours, so knock yourself out. Is there a way to set up a “feature button” on most phones to do what you want? Sure, but once again, you wouldn’t be able to use the model you are describing.

hi cynjut , im asking about this cause i saw a real example of that in little call center business using asterisk. there are some extensions like 230, 231, 235 and each agent have their own login code like 1782, 1783 to log on the queue and be available.

Sorry if i cant explain better than i wrote

It’s not a problem - just remember that you aren’t using “just Asterisk”. The people that set up the system you saw did the custom work you and we have been describing. That’s kind of the point of everyone saying “more info please”.

Part of the problem is that many of the terms you are using have specific meanings. In fact, what you just said:

Is different than what you asked for in the first place:

Your original question was about associating a user (1782) with a phone and using that for hot-desking (which is not really what you apparently want).

So, let’s talk about how you would do something like this:

*451000 would log the current user on the current phone into Queue number 1000.

Note that this does NOT associate the PERSON logging in with the queue. FreePBX and Asterisk have no real concept of a person - only extensions. This would connect the extension from which this string was dialed with queue 1000.

So, what could you do with that? Let’s say “Luigi” sets down at extension 150 and wants to log into the “Sales” queue. You only have the one queue, so calling it “Sales” is pointless, but let’s go with that anyway.

Set up a context (maybe associated with a Misc Dest?) that, when you dial 1782, sets a flag somewhere (in ASTDB or in an external database, or even somewhere else) that says “Luigi” (since this is his “personal” number) just logged in on extension “150” and then have the system dial “*451000*150”.

So, that would do what you are describing, but it’s not something that the system really could ever do since “Luigi” is a conceptually dense idea for the system. The logging into the queue part (the *45) is easy, but associating with “someone” is outside the scope of the system. Once done, anytime anyone calls “1000”, Luigi’s phone will ring until he logs out of the queue.

Also, this doesn’t mean that you could ever dial “something” that’s associated with just Luigi. There’s nothing in that structure that looks like a call back destination. You can’t do an Agent Callback that would go directly to Luigi since nothing in the system is associated with him - remember it’s just extensions and queues.

Next, we get into the problems with your “dual use” extension. Let’s say “Linda” sits down at an extension. Instead of dialing “1781”, she dials “1782”. Luigi just logged in, even though it’s Linda at the extension. Now, Luigi sits down and dials “1782”. This logs Linda off (since she was logged in “as” Luigi) and now you have two people sitting waiting for calls with no one left in the queue.

There’s no way to deconflict it, errors happen. Let’s say they’re both logged in. What happens when Linda decides Luigi is getting too many calls and she wants more? She quietly dials Luigi’s number and logs him out. His phone goes dead and she’s the only one answering calls. She gets the bonus because she’s the “top performer”.

So, it’s not that your desire isn’t possible - it’s just that there are too many ways for it not to work for it to be practical.